Behavioral Coaching

Upgrade all aspects of your being — mind, intuition, emotions, body. Get clear on what you want from life, tap into your intuition and energy to pursue meaningful goals and like your everyday reality.
  • Get clear on what you want from life and learn tools that will help you achieve it
  • Tap into your intuition and motivation to make better decisions
  • Feel vibrant, full of energy and in control of your emotions, biology, and focus
  • Be nicer to yourself and others
  • Experience true well-being, inner peace, and fulfillment
  • Re-design your life and master new, healthy habits with ease
Over a six-month period, you will upgrade all aspects of your being. It’s unlike anything you will find working with other mentors, coaches or in personal development books.
The Behavioral Coaching program follows a unique four-step process:

Step 1. Create space and awareness

  • Unclutter your mind to create space for deep, meaningful work.
  • Recognize your blind spots, identify unconscious destructive stories, biases, and unmet needs that sap your energy and happiness.
  • Find inner peace.

Step 2. Unleash intuition, elevate your vision and set meaningful goals

  • Develop a non-mental, holistic way of making decisions.
  • Strengthen and learn to tap into your intuition.
  • Discover what you really want and need from life to feel fulfilled.

Step 3. Optimize your mind, emotions, and biology

  • Let go of your unconscious limiting beliefs.
  • Free yourself from worry, anxiety, and deep-seated fears by learning to manage your emotions and mind.
  • Unleash unlimited energy by tapping into your purpose and optimizing your biology.

Step 4. Create new habits

  • Develop and easily implement new habits in a scientific-based way that doesn’t require self-control or sacrifices.
  • Identify the steps needed to reach your goals and set out an action plan to turn your vision into reality.
  • Create an environment that supports your growth, impact, and potential.
See what my clients have to say
Zuzanna Lewandowska
Zuzanna Lewandowska
Media sector manager & board member | Przekrój
Piotr Langer
Piotr Langer
Head of HR | Novartis
Jacqui Scruby
Jacqui Scruby
Lawyer | Tourists Against Trash
Maria Belka
Maria Belka
CEO | Mentors4Starters
Agnieszka Ptaszek
Agnieszka Ptaszek
Board Member | JMP Flowers
Nik Ladeishikov
Nik Ladeishikov
Małgorzata Nowak
Małgorzata Nowak
Head of Marketing B2C | Medicover
Magdalena Wawrzeczek
Magdalena Wawrzeczek
Consultant | Teamwille GmbH
Mary Martin
Mary Martin
UN Employee
Katarzyna Piasecka
Katarzyna Piasecka
Entrepreneur & CEO | Ennbow
This program is a six-month commitment and for a good reason. It took you your entire life to create and practice your self-limiting beliefs, habits, and behaviors so it will take some time to undo them and rewire your brain for higher levels of happiness and success.

The program includes:

  • Twelve 60-minute online Zoom sessions, over six months.
  • Personalized practices between sessions to keep you moving forward.
  • Recordings of our calls.
  • E-mail support in-between sessions.
If this sounds like you and you'd like to learn more, get in touch.
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