About Me

Hello, my name is Julia, and I'm a behavioral scientist. I spend my time researching and discovering the unconscious biases that guide our behavior and work with organizations and individuals to help them use this knowledge in practice, to change their behavior effectively, and that of their customers, employees and entire societies, for better.
About Me

Two Decades with the Human Mind

My adventure with studying the human mind began over 20 years ago when I decided to enroll in a high school psychology class. Maybe because I liked people-watching and wanted to have only one superpower:  To read minds?

While I'm still far from reading minds, the spontaneous decision from 1999 led to two decades of exploring the nuances of the workings of the human mind, our subconsciousness, and ways to influence and improve behavior. I have recently received a Ph.D. in behavioral economics from Warwick Business School – a top university in this field in Europe – and ICF and Bulletproof Training Institute coaching certifications.

I've had the opportunity to learn from world’s leading experts in the fields of behavioral sciences, psychology, personal development, as well as Eastern systems of wisdom, in the UK, the US, and Poland. Why? Because whether we like it or not, countless factors influence how we make decisions, and to understand human behavior and motives, it is necessary to search for answers in diverse fields of knowledge.

I currently work as an adviser and a trainer in the field of applied behavioral science. Having worked in marketing in Poland and Italy for almost ten years, I specialize in applying behavioral insights and methodologies in business, doing trainings, workshops and consulting projects for private and public organizations from diverse sectors.
I also work as a mentor, combining coaching methodology and techniques with knowledge about our minds and unconsciousness, biohacking and even more holistic, Eastern systems of wisdom. Unlike most of what you will find in the world of personal development, this work doesn’t just end with your mindset. We address your mind, your emotions, your intuition, and even your physiology. The conscious and the unconscious. Why? Because only a holistic approach will allow you to discover the unconscious patterns that are sabotaging your true potential and happiness.
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